Hi, my name is Dmitry. I'm an Android application developer. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends, play in a board games and of course programming. Programming brings great opportunites. It allows to develop logic, improve technical skills and create cool and interesting things. In order to increase my skills and just for fun I develop various applications and games.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:
List of my apps

Take a digital locks tester role! All ingame doors are tightly closed but it's not a problem for real professional because you know how to find correct door codes by using special test tools. Numdoors is a mathematical game. In this game you need to solve various arithmetic tasks, calculate unknown door code parts and open doors of course.
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Get ready for magnetism experiments! Control the special spheres and keep them from colliding with magnetized walls. Pass the levels and receive science coins in order to open new areas. The game has 60 levels and 4 game areas. Show counter-magnetism skills and pass all levels!
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This application allows to view page statistics of VK users and compare among themselves by parameters: Likes quantity, Reposts quantity, Comments quantity, Most Popular Photo, Quantity of notes, photos, videos and other parameters. Find out which of your friends are more popular!
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Maybe Meow?
Do meow with your cat! The application contains 30 various sounds of meowing. Choose any sound and do meow with your cat. Say to cats "meow"!
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Kinq Mine Clicker
Kinq Mine Clicker is a clicker-game. You can collect resources for the rising of your kingdom. Click, earn resources, buy different units, such as: farms, shops, forts and so on. These units will help you to collect resources automatically. You can use various items to increase profit from your units. Collect enough coins and build your empire or even two, three...
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